Sales candidate evaluations

enabled by Machine Learning

validated by performance

exclusively designed for sales

Save 66% of hiring costs, avoid costly mistakes and make your hiring completely data-backed.

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Is sales talent quality holding your growth back?

Build a better sales team, reduce turnover and increase revenues.

Adopt consistent hiring practices.

  • Combines the power of all best practices in sales interviewing.
  • Designed specifically for sales roles, and validated by actual performance metrics.

Reduce total time-to-hire.

  • Meet only the really deserving candidates and free 80% of interviewing time.
  • Eliminate delays caused due to location and schedule constraints.

All your sales hiring needs, in one single window

You would not need any other sales assessment tool. Ever.

task based evaluations
Task-based evaluation

Simulation of real world sales tasks in multi-media mode.

only sales
Only for Sales

Designed for sales and validated on performance metrics.

stack rank
ML enabled stack rank

Stack all candidates in categories based on performance.

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Dear Ntalents Team, Thanks for sending me my personalized report. I have gone through it carefully and I feel it does portray a lot about my behavioral competencies. It’s magical, great job !
Anshuman Tripathi
Anshuman Tripathi
Head of Consulting, Americas
We had taken up Ntalents's 'Sales Quotient' assessment for candidates. The rich data that we received about the candidate's competencies was beyond our expectations. This brings a lot of sanity into sales hiring process.
Narasimhan Santhanam
Narasimhan Santhanam
Co-founder, Energy Alternatives India Consulting
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