Work Values Test


About Work Values

Values are a set of beliefs and principles unique to each individual that guides their behaviour, attitude, preferences and perception of the world. Work values are principles that are highly valued at a workplace. They reflect the ethos of a company. Each organization has a set of work values that is of utmost importance and expects each employee to abide by those values. Work values can be classified into three broad categories: Extrinsic, Intrinsic, and Lifestyle values.

Key Traits Measured

The Work Values test consists of 14 unique values:

Altruism-Indicates to what extent an individual enjoys helping others and being of service.

Autonomy- Indicates whether it is important for an individual to work and perform in their own way. Autonomy can be attributed to Independence, Self-determination, and Self-sufficiency.

Creativity- Indicates whether an individual enjoys tasks that offer room for coming up with innovative ideas. It can also manifest itself as Problem-solving, Originality and Innovation.

Financial Reward- Indicates the level of importance a person places on the monetary or financial reward. It also measures the extent to which an individual attaches self-worth to the earned money.

Influence- Indicates whether an individual enjoys work in which one influences decisions and determines what others do. It also measures whether the individual is eager to contribute to a dialogue on important decisions influencing the organization.

Performance- Indicates whether one places importance on work in which ambition and individual performance are appreciated and rewarded. Performance is also attributed to Ambition, Drive or Performance Motivation.

Prestige- Indicates the extent to which an individual enjoys work that will provide status and social standing.

Security- Indicates the extent to which one places importance on security about job continuity and consistent future growth.

Self-Development- Indicates the level of importance an individual places on developing oneself both personally and professionally such as acquiring new skills, general and technical knowledge, or even wanting to discover new sides to oneself.

Structure- Indicates the extent to which one enjoys work that consists of fixed routines and activities. It also measures whether a person likes working with set frameworks, clear rules, and on an unambiguous task.

Variety- Indicates whether one enjoys work that offers diverse, varying activities or sometimes even adventurous or exciting work. Variety can be taken to mean ‘work entailing various tasks’.

Work-life Balance- Indicates the extent to which it is important for an individual to have a balance of work and personal life.

Work Relationships- Indicates the level of importance an individual places on building pleasant social contact with colleagues.

Working Conditions- Indicates the extent to which one enjoys working in a nice building and a pleasant workspace under favorable working conditions.


Why do companies use Work Values tests?

Steer clear of chaos- Work values help the organization set its goals and mission. Lack of work values could lead to chaos. When the values of employees and the organization are not aligned, people work towards different goals, with different intentions, and with different outcomes. This can impact productivity, work relationships, job satisfaction, and creative potential. Thus, the work values test allows the employer to hire a candidate whose values are well-aligned.

Assess for Cultural Fitness- The culture of an organization shapes its destiny and this culture is set by its people. Thus, employers find it beneficial to assess Cultural fitness during the recruitment process to hire people who will set the right tone for the company's culture. Cultural fitness is the likelihood that someone will be able to adapt to the core beliefs, principles and attitudes of an organization.

Holistic Assessment Matters- Assessing an individual’s aptitude, communication skills and domain-specific knowledge is definitely crucial. But, assessing the values they give importance to in life provides a holistic understanding of an individual. Understanding what beliefs they hold and how they approach any situation in life based on those beliefs makes all the difference.


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