The Use of AI Enabled Assessment

AI based Assessment is starting to play a huge role in a lot of candidates’ and employee’s psychometric assessments, starting from realistic chat bot conversations with candidates in SJT format (situational judgement tests) to proven decisions that are algorithm-based. The use of AI when it comes to assessment is extremely helpful to HRs and helps them to make decisions in talent acquisition.

Artificial Intelligence has been used in talent assessment for a long time. There are some AI terms that are being used at workplaces very frequently. Terms such as deep learning, pattern matching and so on might sound very complex to you. Hence, we have explained some important terms in Artificial Intelligence which you must be aware of as a Next Gen HR Manager.

  • Robotic Process Automation

This is a process where several activities like gathering and transferring of expert know-how and then system programming with an ‘then/if’ rule-based approach are involved. Here, chatbots can be a near accurate example. Although, this rule-based system cannot learn or improve without being given all the explicit and important instructions. When it comes to the usage of talent assessment, interpretative reports that are computer-generated are a good example of this.

  • Machine Learning

A computer system is not a human being and hence it cannot think for itself. There are some statistical tools that are needed for the system to come up with predictions from any of the given data. It also improves prediction function over time. This process is used in data analysis and to make predictive people analytics, to assist employers to make the best talent decisions.

  • Pattern Matching

This AI technique helps the computer to keep a check on the sequence of responses to control if there’s a pattern involved. This is carried out to perform some human tasks such as recognition of faces or identification of emotions.

  • Natural Language Processing or NLP

It makes use of speech and text analytics to extract the underlying meaning. This includes applications like speech analysis in interview question-answers.

If you combine all of these aspects together, then AI has a vital role to play in interpreting and analysing huge amount of candidate data.

Importance of AI in improving candidate and employee assessment

There are five advantages of AI when it comes to candidate and employee assessment.

1. Precision

AI has the power to analyse huge amount of data, much more than any human can. It is because of the extremely high computing power now available affordably and also leaps of development in machine learning algorithms. More and more data of candidates and employees can now be precisely evaluated. Hence, this helps in better decision making or selection.

2. Efficiency

Efficiency is significantly improved whenever any process is automated. AI helps recruiters and talent acquisition teams to carry on with consistent assessments of data at an early stage of the selection process. AI helps you in using utilizing video interviews as a first step in the process of selection.

3. Decreasing bias

It is a tendency of humans to be vulnerable when it comes to stereotypes or biases. But this is not the case with AI if trained carefully. AI will help the recruiters to cancel out unconscious and conscious bias in the process of selection.

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