Assessment Tests for Hiring

There are several types of assessment tests available when it comes to hiring for many different kind of jobs. There are many companies that use tools like personality analysis, essay writing, handwriting analysis etc. when hiring. But this is not an ideal assessment for performance or suitability. There are some important pre-employment tests that must be carried out when hiring for jobs. Using an inappropriate test process can hamper candidate experience and can mess up your decision making.

Here, we have discussed a few assessment tests that must be done when hiring for jobs.

1. Job Knowledge Tests

These types of tests generally measure to what extent a candidate is technically or theoretically sound in a particular field. It determines their expertise in that field and their know-how. Let’s say, an accountant can be asked a few basic questions about accounting principles. These tests are very helpful for jobs that need specialized knowledge of great expertise.

2. Integrity Test

Integrity test is one of the most primary tests for employment. These tests help companies avoid employment of dishonest, undisciplined and unreliable people. Overt integrity tests involve asking direct questions about the ethics and integrity of a person. Covert integrity test checks personality characteristics, that is connected with integrity such as conscientiousness. It is important to check a person’s integrity before hiring him/her for the job so that it does not hamper the work place environment or the productivity.

3. Cognitive ability tests

Cognitive ability tests check a candidate’s general capacity of memory retention and brain activity and it is strongly correlated to performance at job. These tests are the most ideal ones to predict job performance than any other interview or assessment. General Aptitude Test (GAT) is the best example of cognitive ability test. It checks verbal, logical and numerical reasoning of a person.

4. Psychometric Tests

Personality assessments can provide insights into the cultural fit of the candidate and whether their personality can reflect in their job success. Generally, personality test is highly related to job performance. The Big five model is quite popular among corporates. Motivation tests are also an important part of psychometric assessment tests, and they are used quite often by mostly career counsellors.

5. Emotional Intelligence Tests

Emotional Intelligence (EI) determines how well and how fast a person can develop relationships and understand their own and others emotions. These abilities are a vital factor when it comes to professions that involve leadership qualities or interpersonal skills. For example, Human Relations officers need to score high in emotional intelligence tests.

Skills Assessment Tests

Skills assessments do not focus on know-how or abstract personality traits. They generally measure the actual skills or rather soft skills and hard skills. For example, a content writer can take the test of typing to determine the speed and accuracy level of the candidate. Other type of examples include leadership tests, data checking tests, writing assignments and so on.

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