The nTalents Basic Math Skills Test for Employment

The nTalents basic maths skills test or the numeracy skills test is something that is very important for all aspiring teachers. All the aspiring teachers must sit for numeracy test before they get hired and it worries them. So, what exactly is it?

What is nTalents basic maths skill test?

The nTalents basic maths skill is an important professional skill test that you must pass if you want to be a teacher. The test is designed to measure a core skill that all the teachers must possess in order to work without any hurdle when combined with enough subject knowledge. The skills test checks whether you have broad and strong maths skills, no matter what subject you tend to specialise in, while teaching.

Importance of basic maths skills test

The nTalents basic maths skills test is important for every potential teacher to perform better as a teacher. If you want to progress from a trainee teacher to a full-time one, you have to pass this important check, Some educational institutes also expect teachers to pass such tests after every few years so that they can track whether re-skilling is required or not.

Specifics of Basic Maths Skills Test

You will have to finish the test in approximately one hour. It is generally broken down into two sections:

  • Mental Arithmetic
  • Written Arithmetic and data.

Steps to Basic Maths Test Success

Here we are going to discuss about the steps to successfully pass the nTalents basic maths test for employment.

  • Mental Arithmetic

This section of numeracy skill test includes approximately 20 questions and some of them may be audio based. You will be given headphones to listen to the questions. You will be assessed on your ability to calculate mentally without using a calculator. The questions are timed, and it is important that you make your calculations quite fast. The mathematics factors included in this part are-

  • Addition, multiplication, subtraction and division
  • Time
  • Decimals, percentages and fractions
  • Conversions
  • Measurements, such as distance, area and volume
  • Written and Data Section

Here, you do not need any headphones as you will see all the questions in front of you on a computer screen. You will have to answer approximately 20 16 questions in less than 40 minutes. This part of the assessment test includes-

  • Identification of trends and patterns
  • Comparing data and getting conclusions
  • Interpretation of written numerical data

Tips to pass the Basic Maths Test

Here, we are going to discuss some tips to pass the nTalents basic maths test.

  • Never Stop Practising

Practising is the best fundamental point when it comes to preparation for literally anything. Practising will strengthen your skills and let you discover your weaknesses so that you can fix them successfully.

  • Try to finish on time

When you practice, keep an eye on the clock and try to finish things on time. Do not allow yourself to waste any time. Move through all the questions with a great pace. Time management is an important skill that you need to be successful.

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