Definitive Guide to Cognitive Ability Tests for Hiring


About Cognitive Ability Test

Cognitive ability tests refer to pre-employment tests, used to measure a candidate's capacity to reason, plan, and solve problems. A person’s cognitive abilities impact job performance. Therefore, cognitive tests for hiring play an important role in an employee’s job suitability and success.
Cognitive ability tests are predictors of general intelligence and mental ability. Unlike more targeted aptitude tests (such as IQ tests, verbal or numerical reasoning) the cognitive capacity test covers a wider scope of aptitudes to examine your ability to solve problems, think logically(verbal, numerical, mechanical, spatial) and also measure your overall intelligence.

Who Uses It, and Why?

The cognitive ability test is recognized as one of the best indicators of a potential employee’s ability for the job role, this is utilized by a wide range of employers in industries. They are broadly used with employers, as aptitude covered tests can give a good overview of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, and indicate an employee’s job suitability and success.
However, it’s particularly useful when hiring for complex decision-making roles such as pilot, doctor, lawyer, and engineer, because strong cognitive ability test scores and overall job performance are said to be closely linked.
Candidates who score well on cognitive aptitude tests are more likely to adapt, expand and master new abilities in quickly changing workplaces, and will in general be better chiefs. Getting familiar with the various styles of questions, topics, and the speed at which you answer each question will really help when it comes to tackling the cognitive ability test as part of a job application. Setting a cognitive test for hiring can prompt an abundance of positive wealth for a business: better recruits, decreased training time and a large number of financial benefits.

Aptitude tests assess qualities that are crucial to almost all level jobs.These include:

Cognitive aptitude tests are twice as predictive as job interviews, three times as predictive as experience, and four times as predictive as education level.

Our Cognitive Aptitude Tests for Hiring Help Identify Top Talent

Our Tests Includes:

Numerical Ability Tests - This test is intended to analyze your aptitude for numbers. The questions cover numerical issues like percentage and ratios, parts, data interpretation, and financial analysis. Practice as many numerical reasoning tests as you can, it will help you to perform better at the cognitive ability test, and will prove to an employer that you’re fit for the role.

Verbal Ability Tests - Verbal ability tests evaluate your verbal capacity tests assess your cognizance and relational abilities. Scoring well at the verbal ability section of the cognitive ability test shows an employer that you are able to assimilate lots of data rapidly, have good comprehension skills, and understand between fact and fiction.

Logical Ability Tests - It uses pattern and shape-based riddles to assess your problem-solving and logical reasoning ability. So, practicing as many of these tests will assist with improving both your speed and accuracy.

Fluid Reasoning - The ability to perceive things and absorb new information to solve problems.

Mechanical Ability Tests - It assesses your ability to comprehend diverse mechanical and electrical principles. These tests are generally utilized while employing engineers and the military.

Spatial Awareness Tests - This test measures your ability to convert images and shapes into their 2 and 3-dimensional forms, and draw conclusions from limited information.

Problem Solving - The Problem-Solving assessment examines whether a candidate has good reasoning skills and if they are able to contemplate between positive and negative solutions to a problem.

Decision Making & Judgement - An innovative tool to assess a candidate's problem solving, decision making, and judgement abilities in an automated manner.


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