About Communication Skills Assessment

The present-day job scenario is transcending regional borders, as a result of globalization. With globalization, there arises the need for a language that is understood globally. This has stirred up the demand for excellent communication skills, particularly in the tertiary sector. The better you communicate, the better your ideas and plans are heard by all. With the communication skill assessment the goal is to assess all the major aspects from speaking, listening, reading, to writing. Optimizing the recruitment process with a communication assessment ensures that candidates are checked upon various criteria, ensuring only the best-fit ones are recruited.

Key Skills and Attributes Assessed

  • Speaking - Assess a candidate's ability to articulate and deliver ideas in a simple and cohesive manner.
  • Listening - Examine the candidate's agility and the capability to listen and comprehend a task.
  • Reading - Assess the candidate’s ability to read, process, maintain, and synthesize massive volumes of written material.
  • Writing - Examine the candidate’s ability to write fluently, as well as accurately articulate ideas and vision.

Communication Skill Assessment Test is Ideal for?

  • Evaluation of Pre-employment communication skills
  • Analysis of communication gaps in an organization
  • Evaluation of Sales and Customer support role readiness
  • Holistic assessment of candidates for mass hiring and lateral hiring

What is good communication?

Organizational effectiveness depends on good communication. It has been observed that Managers and Executives who master the art of good communication can see increased success and stronger relationships in all aspects of their lives. Good communication promotes teamwork by building consensus, helping with resolving challenges and offering the best possible guidance.


Why are communication skills important?

An organization requires effective communication. It is at the heart of all you do at work. As a result, reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills are essential for performing assignments and achieving objectives. If you advance in your current work, you'll note that communication skills are increasingly relevant, for example:

  • Acing an interview and landing the position
  • Performing technical duties well
  • Establishing a highly effective career

AI-Powered Tools by nTalents for Communication Skills Assessment

nTalents extends the voice assessment tool for the task of speech recognition,pronunciation, grammar excellence, and fluency. The assessment is created by subject-matter experts to perform rapid and correct text comprehension of topics. The questions in the assessment follow the format used by other globally renowned communication tests. The auto-evaluation tool helps check for syntax errors, coherence, vocabulary, and grammar. The communication assessment also has a listening task which is designed to check the candidate’s ability to comprehend the query and provide a befitting answer.

Our Communication Skills assessment evaluates based on spelling, word use, comprehension, etc. This pre-job skills examination gives recruiting managers a precise and fair measurement of each candidate's listening, writing, speaking and reading skills.


Why choose nTalents?

  • The results of the assessment are accurate and combine the power of both AI and human marking.
  • Immediate feedback system imparts learners the chance to improve.
  • Reduction in hiring delays and wrong-hire costs by the use of assessment designed by subject matter experts.
  • The performance data is used for data analytics to provide you with a comprehensive and consolidated assessment result.
  • Easy to use tools and a holistic assessment makes us the best choice for various industries.