Employment Integrity Testing

Everything You Need To Know About Employment Integrity Testing

Integrity tests are conducted to assess an employee's honesty, dependability, and trustworthiness. Employment Integrity Testing is a key indicator for companies looking to hire responsible candidates, who can boost productivity. These tests can also be a critical factor in assessing job performance and are strongly related to diligence. These honesty tests don't, by any means, overrule dishonesty at work, but scoring poorly can negatively affect a candidate's selection.

There are several reasons why companies use these tests. One of the principal reasons is to reduce workplace thefts and counterproductive behavior. Another reason is to reduce reporting late to work and absenteeism, abusing sick leaves, and feigning diseases. Different types of integrity tests can be used, and in the next section, you will be going through some of them.

Overt Integrity Tests

It is a direct method where the candidates are asked subjective questions related to their honesty, criminal history, and behavior. These tests are divided into two sections. The first set of questions deals with a subject's assessment of theft in general and their viewpoints regarding punishment for the crimes committed. This helps in understanding the behavior of the candidates and determines his honesty.

The second series asks the candidate about the types of counterproductive behaviors they have engaged themselves in the past, which helps employers to ascertain the risks the candidate will pose at the current job role.

Covert Personality Tests

These tests don't give immediate results as their overt counterparts, but nevertheless, they help assess individual personality behavior. The secret tests help in predicting personality concerning employment. The tests might ask you general questions like whether you like mountains or the sea, but there might be veiled intentions in the questions.

nTalents goes a step beyond and takes into consideration, candidates proctoring records to score integrity. The nTalents virtual proctoring bot captures candidate screenshot every few minutes and matches them all to identify patterns of cheating during the test.

Scope of Integrity Tests

There are many reasons why integrity tests should be made a part of every employee assessment process. The tests go beyond a candidate’s intention to lie or steal. It takes a holistic view of the entire personality of the candidates and helps to determine trustworthiness, values, and tendencies.

The right candidate is the one who scores high on every aspect in the Employment Integrity Testing is a win for the HR department. So, there is tremendous importance attached to these tests, and as such, nTalents is the perfect tool that you can trust with these assessment testing.

Omitting these tests from the recruitment process may result in disruptive company culture and misfit job profiles.

Benefits of Integrity Tests

There are several benefits of the tests like:

  • Predicting job performance and streamlining the interview process by weeding out dubious candidates.
  • Cost-effective propositions because it is possible to automate mass hiring through this process.
  • Takes into account gender and race factors, so there are fewer chances of bias.

So, the value of these honesty tests is far-reaching, and thus, they should be introduced right at the beginning of skill tests. It will help to improve employee morale and improve engagement levels.

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