Employment Skills Test

How to Hire the Brightest talent using Employment Skills Test

Hiring candidates is one of the most challenging tasks for any human resource department. It takes a lot of time and expertise to select the right candidate for a particular profile. Employment Skills Test is one of the widely used practical testing platforms which is used to hire the most deserving candidates for a job.

There are many skills assessment platforms that you can use to judge and screen out candidates. Likewise, various types of tests are available to use according to your needs. The right assessment helps you to plug in organization gaps, fine-tune your performance metrics, and determine the core skills of your existing workforce. In the next section, you will be looking at the different types of skill tests available for your selection.

Verbal Reasoning

This skill test assesses the candidate's ability to apply logic and form conclusive answers. Questions are prepared using true or false statements with manual solutions. This test also helps to determine a candidate's presence of mind in making decisions in critical situations.

Numerical Abilities Test

This test is mostly used in data crunching jobs and analyzes the employees' capacity in answering mathematical based questions. Types of questions include algebra, progression, and age calculation, among others. The test becomes severe upon progress and gradually reaches the expert level on culmination.

Competency Skills Test

The tests are designed to test an employee's power across different job roles. The test gives a complete picture of a candidate's capability regarding literacy levels, proficiency in communication, and number crunching abilities. Mathematical test, an English Language Test, and Computer literacy are some of the examples of these tests.

Industry Targeted Tests

Industry-specific core skill tests are utilized by many organizations to reflect special skills that are paramount for a particular job role. These out of the box tests focus on real-life scenarios that test the practical knowledge of the employees. There are a lot of retail-specific skills tests, call center skills test, legal, logistics, and automation tests which are regularly deployed to pick candidates fulfilling the specified criteria.

How to choose the right Skills Test?

At nTalents, you will find the best online tests which will help you to choose the best candidates for your organization. You can also create your quick assessment tests using online tools. Some of the points you need to remember for creating these tests are mentioned below:

  1. Take care to test the relevant skills only
  2. Don't use the same set of criteria for every job profile.
  3. The tests should be kept short and simple.
  4. Validate your test against set criteria before using it.
  5. It is imperative to test the soft skills
  6. It is better to be direct and simple, rather be boring and procrastinating. Candidates should be made to feel snug, so make your tests a little easier.

Employment Skills Test helps in selecting the right candidates for your job and also reduces attrition to a significant level. It also helps with lower costs and improves performance.

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