Employment Test

Different Types of Employment Tests for Selecting Employees

Employment tests are personality tests that are used by employers to screen potential candidates. HR professionals in organizations conduct these tests to assess a candidate's overall personality and skill sets to fit a job profile. Many large organizations use the Employment Test as a yardstick for hiring as well as training candidates. These tests have become quite popular as it helps companies to fill up a vacancy with the best recruit.

There are numerous tests that have sprung in recent years, and many companies outsource these tests to third party agencies. But several Researches have shown that employees are sometimes placed in positions that don't match their skill sets, which leads to lower productivity. So, it is quite logical to conduct this pre-screening process to fill possible openings.

Employment Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are conducted to judge an applicant's proficiency to undertake a specific operation for a particular job role. These tests are devised keeping in mind the skill levels of the candidates, so each test looks quite different from the other.

  • A data entry operator may have to undergo a typing test for his specific job role.
  • A call center employee might have to answer mock client calls for gauging their ability.

Emotional Intelligence

This test is conducted to measure the candidate's relationship-building skills. A series of tests are conducted to understand the capacity of the interviewee in business communications and forming strong bonds with clients. Emotional intelligence tests are frequently performed in jobs where inter-personal skills are a key indicator of success.

Resume Questionnaires

Many companies ask questions from bio-data regarding the candidate's job experience and personal characteristics. Going through the resume of a candidate, HR s able to know about the hobbies and social interests of the potential candidates. Based on this further conversational probing is done to analyse candidate behaviour. These tests work best in creating a workspace where workers can build a professional bond between themselves.

Personality Assessment Tests

Personality tests are conducted to understand the competence of a candidate to effectively perform at work. nTalents is a competent skills assessment organization that can effectively carry out these assessments. These tests establish a direct relationship between various personality factors, which will help candidates to perform a certain job.

Thus, his personality profile is compared with the standard job profile. There is a big difference between personality tests and intelligence tests. Personality tests measure candidates emotional nuances and how it translates effectively into organizational behavior. Intelligence tests, on the other hand, are more attributable to the cognitive part of your brain.

Physical Ability Screening

Certain job profiles require high levels of stamina. Employers conduct a series of physical and medical tests to judge potential employee's ability to withstand harsh conditions at work. These reduce accidents to a more considerable extent and contribute significantly to bringing down compensation claims.

Employment Test is a useful tool in the hands of an employer to sort out candidates. These screenings help to pluck out the profiles which don’t meet the minimum requirements. So, whether you are using your tools or hiring firms to conduct these tests for you, these evaluations have become an integral part of the selection process.

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