FAQs for customer

Ntalents.ai is an AI and Human powered evaluation platform for salespeople. It helps you to screen sales candidates on necessary sales skills with almost no manual overhead. Ntalents.ai uses an audio-video simulated evaluation to address the concern of quality candidate screening and attrition in a very effective manner.
Just invite candidates, receive results and shortlist the best candidates for interviews. Ntalents.ai.identifies high potential candidates and reduces your time to hire by 40%.
We have developed a revolutionary methodology to capture subjective responses which inherently delivers 3 times more accuracy over any other traditional assessment. The advancements in Natural Language Processing allow us to extract behavioural attributes accurately from the responses. The candidates are actually performing real worlds sales task and therefore the guesswork in evaluation is replaced by well-informed data-backed decisions.
Ntalents.ai identifies high potential candidate who is a perfect match for the company. We do attribute based screening through a comprehensive and holistic evaluation. Our aim is to make sure not even a single minute of your interview time is wasted on incompetent and uncoachable candidates.
Quality is important when you are scaling the business. We help reduce your hiring time by 40% . Using our structured, rigorous and automated process, we specialize in evaluation of sales talent for companies that receive hundreds of applications per vacancy.
Questions are specific to the industry and are context relevant depending on the job role. We are exclusively sales focused and this reflects in our ever-expanding question bank.
No, we have a large pool of questions measuring different attributes required for a sales job.Questions are randomly selected based on the role and experience.
No, one can not fake as the test is video proctored. Time allotted to answer each question is limited and moving away from test window is restricted.
Evaluation is done by top industry experts who have taken hundreds of sales interviews in their own careers and they follow the ‘Talent Discovery Framework’ developed by Ntalents.ai in consultation with academicians at top business schools and industry experts. The scores are then benchmarked using machine learning algorithms so that every candidate.
Every question answered is saved in real time. All the text, audio, and video responses are encrypted and securely stored.
No, you do not require to add any questions. We have a huge data bank of questions built by experts.
Yes, we do provide customization to an extent, making test more domain specific. For further details mail us at customer@ntalents.ai.
Our evaluation reports are most comprehensive. Unlike general traditional recruiters, we are exclusively sales focused, having a deep technical expertise and leveraging data, to generate a comprehensive report of a candidate.We provide an overall sales capability score along with individual scores for each competency. Resume analysis, interviewing guidelines and other details about the candidate are also included in the report.
You can signup from our website or mail us at customer@ntalents.ai. Our standard process starts with understanding your company sales process to identify role specific candidate success metrics and a relevant question bank. Our evaluation efforts have a sharp focus on evaluating talent with the skills, experience, and sales DNA needed to drive sales and profitable revenue growth.
  • Customisation charges are non refundable.
  • In case of cancelation, charges will be on the pro rata basis. Based on the subscription slab, the amount is calculated for the number of used assessments and balance amount is refundable with in 30 days from the cancelation date.