Free Pre Employment Testing

A Useful Guide to Free Pre Employment Testing

Pre-employment testing measures the intelligence of the candidates across various stages of the interview process. These employment testing processes tap in the latent inherent skills of a candidate and helps organizations select the best candidate among all the applicants.

There are different types of pre-employment testing that can be used to measure a candidate’s capabilities. While selecting a test it must be kept in mind that the type of job opportunity you wish to fill must be well aligned with the elected assessment. A Free Pre Employment Testing helps candidates to assess themselves before taking the final interview.

A near-perfect employment testing process helps to filter the best candidates during the recruitment process and helps to match a candidate against the requirement. The tests also ease out several small manual tasks in the screening process and makes it easy to evaluate candidate’s fitment thus making the process faster.

Various Pre-Employment Testing

Integrity Tests

Candidates can take this Free Pre Employment Testing facility to prepare themselves for the main tests. Integrity tests are conducted to eliminate dishonest or indiscipline candidates from the interview process. While overt tests ask direct questions, covert tests understand the personality of the candidates to arrive at the desired results. Several researches have proved that Integrity tests can be excellent indicators of job performance and are less biased than other job-related tests.

Cognitive Tests

These type of tests measures a candidate’s general mental capability and is directly proportional to his job performance. Cognitive tests give better indications of job performance and work experience than normal interviews. General Aptitude tests are one form of Free Pre Employment Testing.

Job Tests

These tests are strictly technical and measure a candidate's performance in a particular job domain. Job tests are also known as skill tests and are useful in conducting specialized interviews for sectors that require technical expertise.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are important factors in any profession and every organization requires a worker who can keep his cool. These skills are profoundly needed in professions that require constant human interaction and leadership qualities. Several such tests are also conducted by to measure job performance.

Physical Tests

These tests are conducted for measuring the physical stamina of a candidate. They help to reduce workplace accidents and significantly reduce workers' compensation. Physical tests reduce workplace tension as it is difficult for candidates to fake their results.

Uses of Employment Tests with the help of

Employment testing from helps to place the most relevant candidates to the best fit job. It reduces hiring of misfit profiles and ensures that there is maximum job satisfaction which helps an organization to utilize the resources to their best potential.

It also helps in to improve the retention rate of the firms. Dissatisfied candidates are more likely to move out of a job quickly. On the contrary, attrition rates are also higher when the firm suffers losses due to wrong employee selection.

Free Pre Employment Testing uses reasoning tools to measure the thinking and interpersonal abilities of the candidates and helps to identify special talents by tapping into their innate interests and skills.

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