Holland Personality Test for Career Selection


About Personality Tests

A perfect resume and a confident exterior aren’t enough to survive a workplace. Bad hires can cost heavily to the company, this calls for a screening process to ensure only the best is hired. A personality assessment test is one such screening process that helps screen the qualified candidates at the top of the funnel. The personality assessment tests are designed to help figure out the character styles, personality traits, and different types of behavioural tendencies. These tests are intended to determine a person's lasting “characteristic” rather than the momentary “condition”.


Holland Personality Test- Key Skills and Attributes Measured

The Holland Personality Test categorises applicants into six different work styles based on their personalities. “RIASEC” is the acronym, by which the test is widely recognized among candidates and recruiters. This particular topology has been dominant in the world of career counselling, and it has been integrated into the majority of the most sophisticated and difficult recruiting procedures. The letters in RIASEC stand for:

  • Realistic - Practical, Physical, Tool-oriented
  • Investigative - Analytical, Scientific, Intellectual
  • Artistic - Creative, Independent
  • Social - Cooperative, Supportive, Helpful
  • Enterprising - Competitive Environments, Leadership, Persuasion skill
  • Conventional - An eye for details, Organized, Clerical

The RIASEC test supports common sense and science. The standards and priorities around effective team positions are changing as the job environment changes. If you regularly receive excellent resumes and glowing recommendations, you'll need to find other ways to recognise the most essential elements required for job success. It just makes sense to verify rather than presume about the new player.

The Pre-Employment Personality Assessment Tests are designed to help understand the true personality of a candidate. Here are some reasons supporting the decision of using an assessment before hiring:

  • Putting an end to bad hiring experience - When applicants are tested in the same job, they'll seem very different because of differences in qualifications and history. However, the way they approach a situation might be very different and this would make all the difference. It is beneficial for a company to take the Pre-Employment Personality Test before any new hire so that they can identify which applicants may be suited to their job by performing their test.
  • Zeal to thrive matters - It is simple for prospective employers to decide whether an employee would sustain their drive in the position they are employed, simply by looking at the results of their Personality Test. Perhaps more critically, such work tasks necessitate a certain degree of vigour, dedication, and self-motivation. These are unteachable principles. Employers want to hire people who already have the ambition and drive to succeed in these positions.
  • Blending in with the company’s culture - An ideal combination of compatible personalities for each work position must be accomplished for an organisation to function productively and effectively. This means that while some positions necessitate strong personalities, others necessitate more conservative energy. This provides a balanced balance that allows for the sharing of ideas, viewing problems from multiple angles, better collaboration, and a greater emphasis on company objectives.
  • Online Access – Easy to access Personality test is available online, so distance doesn’t become a matter of concern. This helps the company save capital and also relieves the whole physical infrastructure hassle.

The RIASEC Personality test is used in the work environment and can be described with codes. Each personality code represents different traits and fits best in the place where uniqueness is appreciated.
  • Accurate – Our Personality Assessment Test shows the accurate result.
  • Flexible – No time constraint makes our personality test flexible and more feasible.
  • Mobile friendly – The assessment test works well on all platforms.
  • Audio Assessment – Our Personality Assessment Test works well even with a low bandwidth internet connection.