Pre-Employment Screening Tests

From the numerous applications received, it can be a tough task for the HR team to sift through resumes and select potential candidates who can then be invited for screening to further narrow down the choice of candidates to be employed. But getting the right person to fill the sensitive post of an accountant in your company should not be a tricky or difficult process. Definitely not in this age when artificial intelligence is making it easier for recruiters to conduct pre-hire assessment tests and helping businesses save time and effort spent (sometimes wasted) on interviews.

Over time, the hiring process has received numerous overhauls; new and improved methods are continually rolled out all in a bid to ensure effectiveness.

A pre-employment accounting test is designed to assess the knowledge of applicants on the basic and essential accounting principles and concepts, as well as assess how well they can apply the aforementioned in solving problems.

So just why should you use accounting tests?

  • To set a standard for hiring people
  • Cut back on time, effort and money spent on needless interviews
  • Cut back on the need to train newly-hired staff
  • Get information on the strength and weaknesses of candidates
  • Get candidates who fit positions neatly

Ntalent’s new AI-driven tool is just the right software to help you design and carry out a pre-employment accounting test for candidates. With its algorithms written to constantly discover the best practices and scores, our software ensures the relevance of candidates hired to meet your company’s unique needs. We design custom tests based on the profile and targets of the interview team and ensure that candidates are selected quicker based on the Talent Assessment Framework which allows the team target candidates with the highest potential.

Our tests are designed to include case studies, simulating role plays, and decision-making ability which helps interviewers easily collect data for assessment. Our software remains a top tool today for carrying out a pre-employment accounting test.

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