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Getting the right candidate to fill an opening in your company can be a herculean task especially when you have people from all over the world submitting applications. How do you conduct a pre-employment aptitude test successfully and be sure that you got the best candidate for the job?

Traditional methods of conducting interviews have their own limits; resumes may not capture all the information you need before making a decision and even live interviews may leave you with a bad taste. What then is the solution to getting the right person from a pre-employment aptitude test?

Ntalent’s Artificial intelligence-driven tool is the answer.

Today, technology has advanced beyond what we knew years back, meaning that even the process of selecting candidates has been impacted. Employers or their panel of interviewers can now make the most of the assessments and hire the candidates they need. With an AI driven-solution, interviewers are in a better position find those with the exact skills they need from the numerous applicants.

Ntalent’s AI solution is the most comprehensive solution for conducting a pre-employment aptitude test today and for good reason too. We make use of algorithms designed to score and thoroughly compare candidates based on key indexes.

Features of our exciting solution

  • Situational assessment, audio-visual performance tasks, case studies, game-based simulations, and role-playing: These allow you the interviewer to get a first-hand experience of the capabilities of the candidate. No more accepting a candidate based on written or oral interviews. You can now watch them handle real-life situations and evaluate their performance based on what you see.
  • Plan, tailor, and monitor pre-employment aptitude tests: Our AI-driven solution features the exciting ability to plan and tailor assessment tests based on the specific needs at the moment and still get the best result. Say goodbye to general tests for similar positions.
  • Cover the 7 basic tests: Industry experts say potential candidates should be tested based on physical ability, job knowledge, integrity, personality, cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, and skills assessment. Our product allows interviewers design tests to cover the above areas in as few steps as necessary all the while guaranteeing great results.

Benefits of using our tool

  • Save useful time you’d have spent interviewing a long list of candidates.
  • Reduce the sales hiring process and improve performance
  • Get ahead of candidates by eliminating unsuitable applications
  • Collect huge candidate data from a single interview
  • Using the Talent Assessment Framework, quickly scale the assessment to reach ideal candidates.
  • Quickly rate experience level based on role, function and career decisions.
  • Identify ideal candidates to fit into your work culture and values
  • Access to a team of highly qualified back-end technicians to get any issue about the product resolved in no time.

A lot of companies and organizations are finding it easier and better to use our AI-driven tool to carry out their pre-employment aptitude tests and you can join them today. Simply tap the button below and begin your journey to a less stressful, more rewarding assessment process.

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