Pre-Employment Assessments: What You Need To Know Before Deciding


About Recruitment Assessment?

Bad hires can be very costly for a company. This is why candidates seeking employment today are required to take a Pre-Employment Assessment as one of the most crucial qualifying steps in the job application process. The results from these tests are then examined by interested employers to determine if the candidate’s qualities are what they are looking for. If you are seeking to learn more about Pre-Employment Assessment, here are a few things you need to know:

What is Pre-Employment Assessment?

Pre-Employment Assessment is the standardized medium through which a company can efficiently gather and generate insight into candidates’ skills, characteristics, intellect and other capabilities, in an attempt to compare these gathered data to the requirement and preference of the company for the vacant appointment. In layman’s language, this is an attempt to see if a candidate has what it takes to deliver on the proposed role. These tests are professionally designed to generate general scores and ratings. This goes a long way to ease the effort of finding the perfect fit for the company.

Why is it so important?

The importance of a good Pre-Employment Assessment is numerous. High quality technology enabled assessments like the one offered here at nTalents are even more beneficial. In fact, this explains why it keeps getting more popular for companies and recruiting firms.Below are some of the key importance of Pre-Employment Assessment:

Less Cases Of Bad Hires - Bad hires come in different forms. Sometimes, it is not the fault of the employer or the employee. Instead, it is just a case of a square peg in a round hole. Pre-Employment Assessment helps you prevent this by highlighting the most fitting candidates for the task. This reduces employee turnover and keeps the right people in the job.

Efficient Recruiting System - Instead of going through numerous stages to gather information about each candidate, Pre-Employment Assessment takes the stress out of the process by presenting relevant information faster. The good thing about this is that working with high quality digital tools from nTalents totally eliminates the need of going through a candidate’s resume manually.

Less Manual Errors - Gathering data, collating data, and drawing meaningful insight from it is a herculean task when done manually. Frequent errors usually crop up, no matter how diligent your manpower is. With high quality technology enabled assessments like the one offered here at nTalents, the case of manual errors is significantly reduced.

How To Select Vendors For Pre-Employment Assessment?

Choosing the right vendor when taking your Pre-Employment Assessment is as important as taking the test itself. Before settling for your preferred vendor, here are a few crucial questions to ask:

Types Of Tests:

  • Psychometric Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Cognitive Tests
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Talent Assessment Tests
  • Drug Tests
  • Emotional Intelligence Tests
  • Physical Ability Tests
  • Domain Specific Tests
  • English Proficiency Tests; and lots more.

Knowing that the vendor has the right tests for you helps you meet the necessary requirements.


Validity Of Assessments

You need to know if the assessments you take are validated to improve your result. There are data sources that are not scientifically validated. These can backfire and mess with your chance at an appointment. The test results need to be related to the outcome it would bring to the business. Without a correlation, the assessment is good as useless.


Customer Support

When working with a vendor, it is always advisable to work with those who are passionate about delivering great services to their customers. This means all assessments must be of high quality and all concerns must be attended to.

At nTalents, we offer the best high-quality, AI-powered assessment system that helps our customer efficiently generate relevant results. Beyond the technology, we are also passionate about delivering great service and keeping our customers happy. We can’t wait to do business with you.