Pre Employment English Test

Pre Employment English Test: Why And How To Take The Test

Without a doubt, English language is a significant communication medium in the global market. It therefore makes sense that, when employers are looking for applicants to fill important roles in their organizations, they look out for candidates who have excelled at their Pre Employment English Test.

They gravitate towards those who can effortlessly handle the global collaborative team environment and represent the company well. For you to perform optimally in many professional roles, positions and tasks, proficiency at English language and the ability to communicate effectively is an absolute necessity.

Why Pre Employment English Tests Matter

There are so many reasons why employers take Pre Employment English Tests seriously. These goes beyond just the ability to communicate. It is also the ripple effect on the growth of the company. Here are a few examples:


In professional settings, grammatical errors are practically unforgivable and signals lack of competence and unprofessionalism. Needless to say, employers want to work with candidates who have excellent control of their language structure.


The ability to express yourself accurately and beautifully with a wide range of words is a soft skill that has helped many organizations win the hearts of clients. Candidates who understand the usage of words can better express themselves. This skill and the first one mentioned are the two main skills tested in Pre Employment English Tests.


Candidates with excellent comprehension skills are able to correctly interpret and execute tasks without hassle. Just as important, they are less likely to escalate work issues. Many conflicts arise because someone finds it hard to properly interpret and understand others. People with poor comprehension skills will often have problems with colleagues and clients. Employers want to be sure they are choosing the right ones.


Reading is a basic skill everyone is expected to have. Many things can go wrong when employees who can’t read get hired. Employees who can’t read written instructions, office documents, memos, manuals, and others will find it exceptionally difficult to function optimally.


The importance of writing can’t be overemphasized. Yet, more roles demand these skill than others. While the ability to write simple error-free texts may be the basics, greater writing skill is needed if you are going to be doing any business writing, reports, official letters, and emails.

Speaking And Listening

These cannot be measured by written texts. Yet, they are vital if the employee would be speaking with colleagues and clients, giving presentations, attending seminars, speaking on the phone, selling, attending meetings and social gatherings. Needless to say, these skills are pivotal towards business growth.

Relevant Job Roles

If you are looking at a career in:

  • Content Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales

You will especially find good use for these skills. So, getting yourself assessed with a quality and accurate Pre Employment English Test is crucial.

Accuracy is important, and employers value comprehensive data. These and more are what we offer at nTalents. With our state of the art technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics, we have mastered the science of quality online analysis. We can’t wait to do be of service to you.

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