Pre-Employment Screening Tests

Most often, the biggest problem with hiring candidates is “how to know that applying candidates have the right knowledge?” There is also the possibility that an ineffective process may end up screening out desired candidates.

These are important questions given that some candidates who possess the needed skills may be eliminated due to the complexity of the interview process itself and others who do get selected may eventually need post-employment training because they do not have certain skills.

Pre-employment screening tests are assessments designed to test the candidates on a range of categories that cover the basic as well as advanced criteria required for employment. These tests are usually in categories because a holistic approach is needed. To make these tests all rounded and balanced, they should be aimed at assessing cognitive aptitude (general intelligence). These include:

  • Critical thinking
  • Ability to learn, relearn, digest, and use new information
  • Attention to basic and complex details
  • Mental sharpness
  • Problem-solving etc.

As old as the idea of having pre-employment aptitude tests is, today it has become even easier and better due to technology. Some benefits that pre-employment screening test can afford a company are:

  • Set a standard for evaluating the qualifications of applicants
  • Save time and money spent on interview and post-interview work
  • Relieve the HR staff of the mundane tasks
  • Remove potential time-wasting applicants
  • Decrease the need for post-employment training because it ensures that all hired candidates meet a certain minimum score of excellence

The most common problem with pre-employment evaluation tests, however, is that interviewers may not adequately capture the candidate’s potential for the job, or successfully know their limits from the resumes submitted.

The solution?

Ntalent’s Artificial Intelligence-driven pre-employment assessment tool.

Our AI-driven tool can be used to carry out pre-employment screening tests that cover in-depth the candidate’s work skills, proficiency level, familiarity with software applications and can also help you identify their personality profile to make sure you are getting the right team player.

Benefits of using Ntalent’s AI-driven tool

  • Design tests are strictly based on your company’s needs.
  • Eliminate potentially negative interview sessions
  • Collect hard data and generate more information than using traditional resumes
  • Target multiple users with tests designed to suit their persona
  • Get an idea of how candidates handle real-life situations using our model tests
  • Conduct remote interviews successfully from entry-level staff to high-level financial executives
  • Shorten the time spent on hiring cycles and money drained by unproductive interview sessions
  • Excellent support services from our backend team

Ntalent’s AI-driven tool for pre-employment aptitude test provides tests based on algorithms built to score candidates on a broad range of categories and is geared towards finding the ideal candidate that fit the Talent Assessment Framework criteria.

What’s more?

We offer a free and fast setup that captures the unique need of your company and provide what is, in fact, the most comprehensive solution for evaluating candidates today.

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