Pre-Hire Assessment Test

Any organization or company that gets it right when it comes to pre-hire assessment tests do have a higher probability of making good returns as well as increased productivity. As such, the impact of hiring the wrong people can devastate the morale of not just other employees, but also the management. It could also lead to the problem of having to train new employees after recruitment, to meet the company’s standards.

Pre-hire assessment tests and modern screening tools backed up by technology are being employed by HR professionals, globally. This choice helps to improve the outcome of pre-employment selection processes by minimizing interview time and selecting the most qualified candidate for the company.

Pre-hire tests need to be designed and carefully monitored to avoid legal issues pertaining to violation of government regulations and make sure they are legal, reliable and valid. The tests also have to be designed to cover new and emerging trends and adopt industry best policies, all the while crafting something unique to the company. This is why so many organizations and companies spend so much money finding the best fit for their interview process. Pre-hire assessment tests have become popular in recent times as a solution to the problem of managing large applications from candidates.

Types of pre-hire assessment tests

There are a lot of tests used in the pre-hire assessment process and they all cover a range of skills but mostly, they can be grouped into three: personality tests, aptitude tests, and professional skills tests.

  1. Personality tests: Personality tests seek to understand the candidate and how their persona can impact the job. These tests measure behavioral traits as well as give insight into character. Agreeableness, Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, and Tolerance are the five key factors considered as industry standards to be tested.
  2. Aptitude tests: These tests are aimed at measuring the candidates’ ability to learn, digest and utilize new information, as well as their critical thinking ability and problem-solving skills. Usually, these skills are difficult to measure based only on resumes.
  3. Professional skills tests: These measure job-related skills to ascertain the level of competence of candidates. These tests are usually math and numeracy, verbal and communication skills, computer literacy, general knowledge, and other micro-skills.

Pre-employment testing is now easier thanks to software available online. One of such is nTalent’s AI-driven pre-hire assessment tool that integrates artificial intelligence and psychometric science in designing, monitoring and evaluating assessment tests for candidates at different levels. Using modern technology, we have developed a powerful tool that is helping a lot of companies meet their goals of finding the best employees.


Candidate responses are churned by algorithms which are trained by dataset of thousands of candidates from every industry and so far thousands of hours of data has been accurately processed. Pre-employment evaluation is carried out in line with the “Talent Discovery Framework” which was developed in consultation with the best industry professionals and academicians.

Our software offers the following features:

  • Encrypted and stored report
  • Real-time audio/video task assessment
  • Speech and facial expression assessment
  • Customizable tests to meet companies’ need
  • Algorithms that keep standards up-to-date with industry bests
  • Attribute-based screening through a comprehensive evaluation

Ntalent is revolutionizing the industry and providing affordable solutions to companies looking for the perfect software for a pre-hire assessment test. You can start today and enjoy the benefits.

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