The most comprehensive solution for evaluating today's talent

Integrates all best practices.

  • Audio-visual performance tasks, Situational judgment test, Role Plays, Case Studies, and game-based simulations.
  • Collects hundreds of data points in a single assessment.
  • Allows the employers to tailor assessments as per their specific needs.

Insights to identify the best, faster

  • Eliminate ‘bad’ interviews even before they happen.
  • Get to your ideal candidate faster using the TAF or the ‘Talent Assessment Framework’ method.
  • Focus time on highest potential candidates using comprehensive insights.

Industry-role specific benchmarking

  • Algorithms built to benchmark scores based on industry, role, function and experience level.
  • Thorough benchmarking ensures relevant candidate comparisons.
  • The scoring becomes tailored to the organization’s needs and positioning.

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