Progressive Pre-Employment Assessment

The need for employers to ascertain the level of professionalism and skills possession of applicants is driving them to conceive and deploy tests that can produce better results than the traditional testing methods being used. Progressive pre-employment assessment, also called incremental testing, is a type of evaluation that comprises different test modules arranged one after the other.

The need for progressive pre-employment assessment

Resumes do not tell the full stories and getting to know what an applicant is capable of doing within a short while might not be fair on them. Seeing that applicants can take general tests and try to make a certain score, it becomes important to schedule assessments in a way that can spread the evaluation over a range of subjects or areas in order to get more insight on their abilities, skills, and challenges.

How it is done

A continuous assessment is done in stages. Since it comprises various tests on areas like math, verbal reasoning, personality, integrity, skills, etc. they have to be arranged in an order that offers the best combination. The tests can be done physically or using a computer. Scores are usually done according to industry benchmarks to ensure that the standard is maintained. Each test is reviewed by experts who know what to look out for. Successful candidates are then moved on to the next stage of interviews.

Sometimes, the interviewers may decide to carry out the test over a certain period and not within a day as would be expected of pre-employment assessments. The assessments are structured to meet the requirements of specific job roles and may be further tailored to meet the company’s specific needs at that point. The assessments are quantitative and qualitative and through these, recruiters can evaluate behavior, skill and intelligence level.

Benefits of using progressive assessment for pre-employment screening

  1. Reduce the number of applicants
  2. Eliminate impatient and slow candidates who may not fit into your company
  3. Gather information about candidates work ethic, adaptability, ability to work in a team,
  4. Gauge how candidates attack problems; deploy knowledge to new challenges, and reason.
  5. Find candidates with high potentials to be successful at the interview
  6. Reduce hiring time
  7. Get information regarding behavioral insights and cognitive abilities of candidates

Choosing the right assessment

The right progressive assessment should cover the following areas:

  1. Skills test: To evaluate the level of skills through communication, speaking, planning, typing, and editing.
  2. Aptitude tests: Used to assess intelligence and capacity for logical reasoning
  3. Personality tests: Used to identify and define personality traits and how behaviors can impact productivity.
  4. Experience and job roles, as well as knowledge of the industry

Recruiters need to fill positions with candidates who are best suited and getting them from the huge number can be daunting. Progressive pre-employment assessments help them to reduce the number vertically, narrowing down the number down to the most qualified.

These days, there are several solutions (software) that help recruiters design and deploy progressive assessments for pre-employment screening.

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