Psychological Test for Employment

More brands and businesses at both local and international levels are increasingly relying on pre-employment tests to measure how candidates fit into specific job roles. These tests are of different types and usually include aptitude and personality tests.

An essential part of the pre-employment screening process is the evaluation of the psychological state of the candidates. This test is done primarily to assess the psychological capacity, get a tab on the ability of mental constructs present, and ensure the candidate is psychologically stable enough to work in a specific role. Thus, there is the need for different types of psychological tests and also different levels; as roles differ, so do the tests.

Psychological Tests

The field of psychometric analysis is a vast one that requires professionals such as psychologists, psychoanalysts, and other qualified mental health professionals to conduct. Although there are numerous types of psychology tests available presently, they are mostly based on these tests:

  1. Cognitive ability tests: These tests are designed to test the ability of candidates to utilize their mental structures and resources to solve job-related problems. It typically involves questions that demand speed, cognitive ability, problem-solving skills, memory, logical reasoning, and comprehension. The candidates have to be mentally capable to scale through.
  2. Biographical tests: These tests are done to collect information regarding the candidates’ ability to work with a team, to lead, and follow instructions.
  3. Personality tests: These tests are designed to evaluate traits that are related to work. The traits include conscientiousness, agreeableness, optimism, stress tolerance, creativity, and proactivity, openness to learning, extroversion, neuroticism, and observation. The above listed are just a few out of a whole lot of important traits that candidates need to succeed in their jobs.
  4. Mental health tests: These tests measure the mental state of the person and are used for identifying certain conditions such as anxiety and depression that may influence the candidate’s work.

Regardless of the type of assessment used for psychological tests, the results must be consistent and should not be biased if the whole screening process is to be successful. This is where technology comes in.

Now with the integration of artificial intelligence, companies do not have to be caught on a wrong foot while carrying out a psychological screening test. Ntalent’s software, which is a package of various tests suitable for pre-employment screening tests, is helping a lot of businesses find and employ the best candidate for their staff. Our solution to the need for a harmonized test is to merge artificial intelligence with psychometrics and bring out the best of both.

With Ntalent, you get to:

Integrate industry best practices such as using situations judgment tests, case studies, etc.

  • Tailor assessment tests to suit your needs
  • Focus on candidates with more potential
  • Decrease hiring time
  • Get the most suitable candidate for a position
  • Our software makes use of unique algorithms written to score candidates using industry standards tailored to fit the needs of your company. Candidates’ responses are evaluated by a team of highly qualified professionals, and there is always back-end support.

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