Skills Assessment Test for Employment

The process of screening candidates to get the most qualified person for a position is generally stressful, especially when they number in hundreds. Assessing candidates on a wide range of categories can take time if not well planned. The most common ways through which companies assess candidates’ skills or skill potential are:

  • Job simulations
  • Job interviews
  • Resume reviews
  • Skill assessment tests

Only the skill assessment test offers a standard, harmonized, scientific method for evaluating candidates on their hard skills; others evaluate soft and technical skills.

Skill assessment tests are tests designed to evaluate specific skills, knowledge, and work style of the candidates as they relate to the job position. Skills assessment tests help companies ensure that their staff possess the necessary skills to carry out their job successfully. They are mostly used in the employment process to narrow down the number of candidates for a position, but they are flexible. They could be used from time to time to evaluate current employees in order to check competence and determine the need for retraining.


Skill assessment tests are aimed at giving a clear description, score and rating based on the category of test. They offer a more objective definition and evaluation of candidates’ skills and abilities, providing employers and candidates the ideal solution to endless rounds of interviews and selection processes. Candidates can take these tests at their comfort, and employers will still have the best results possible. Some added benefits are:

  • Compare candidates’ skills with industry benchmarks
  • Understand their strengths and challenges
  • Evaluate the best role fits
  • Collect relevant data to process information regarding candidates’ ability to deliver on the job

Choosing the right type of skill assessment test

There are numerous skills assessment test, and getting the right fit for your company’s needs could be a challenge. Choosing the right type of pre-hire skill assessment test should be done based on the following reasons:

  1. Specific details of job position
  2. Available test mediums or channels
  3. The expected result of a test exercise
  4. Additional, partially-related skills

These days, evaluating candidates on their skills (both hard and soft) can be done quickly and easily using specially-designed software applications. These software applications are created specifically to aid companies in the employment process by deploying technological tools that accurately test, score, and priorities candidates according to industry best standards. One of such tool is our nTalent AI-driven software.

Effectively combining artificial intelligence and other prominent fields such as psychometrics, our software is currently helping companies around the world find the best candidates. Using audio-visual performance tasks, role plays, etc., employees can assess candidates from around the world and collect data. Tests are available in options tailored to fit your company’s need, and with our carefully written algorithms, you are sure of getting the industry benchmark scores.

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