Talent Assessment Test

Also called pre-employment assessment tests, talent assessments are used by employers to help them identify candidates that will fit into their company at the job positions they are employed into. Talent assessment tests help employers to predict the performance and impact of the employee; companies seek employees who are not only qualified but who can fit into their culture. Talent assessments are based on analyzing candidates’ data and on scores from specific exercises they take.

Many companies and global brands now use pre-employment talent assessment tests as part of their screening process to decide which candidates to interview and employ. Companies like Walmart, Sears, PetSmart, Express, Neiman Marcus, and Macy’s use talent assessment tests to successfully hire new employees.

Types of Talent Assessment Tests

  • Skill tests
  • Aptitude tests
  • Personality tests
  • Integrity tests, etc.

These tests are used to assess the knowledge, work style, personality, and skills of candidates and can come in a variety of ways according to the job position.

How tests work

Because the number of candidates applying for a particular position can be numerous, most employment processes are attended to over the internet narrow down the number to the choice candidates who would then make the final interviews. Candidates have the option of taking the tests directly on the company’s website or on a third-party website, or even through email. It is usual for the assessment test to include voice tests and role-plays or simulations. These are used to evaluate communication and on-the-job skills, respectively.

Collation and evaluation process

Once tests are done, they are saved and stored for scoring and evaluation by a team of professionals who serve as the back-end team. Results are used to determine the successful candidates who will be invited for an interview later. Because it is important for companies to have a consistent, reliable, and acceptable results, the tests must be conducted according to the industry or geographical standards. They must be leveled and not biased or applied selectively

Benefits of using Talent Assessment Tests

Deploying talent assessment tests allows employers to find potentially successful candidates for their team. Some additional benefits are:

  1. Reduce hiring time
  2. Find the most suitable candidates
  3. Eliminate potentially bad interviews
  4. Tailor tests to fit your company’s needs
  5. Focus on candidates with higher potentials
  6. Get more data and information than the resume affords

Today, it is easier for the HR team of companies to assess the skills of candidates using special software designed for that purpose. Ntalent’s Assessment Software is one of such. Featuring a synergy between psychometrics, artificial intelligence, and algorithm, our software is designed with relevant, job-related tools that clearly define a path to specific business goals. Our solution provides a user-friendly interface, and we have collaborated with top industry experts in every major sector to design something for everyone.

With our software, tests can be designed to meet the specific needs of a company while comparing results with industry benchmarks. Our team of backend professionals is always on hand to analyze scores and help you select the best.

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